The portfolio of Scottish designer & programmer Andrew Talbot

Design is Education


Design is Education was a group project to develop an exhibition (complete with 3d model, book and marketing items) based on the historical design movement of the Bauhaus

Group members:

  • Andrew Talbot(myself)
  • Ant King
  • Jirka Väätäinen
  • John Lucas
  • Lou Jones
  • Natasha Davies

Exhibition Setup

Full Exhibition

Exhibition Catalogue

Title Page Contents Page Beginnings of the Bauhaus Section Context of the Bauhaus Under Walter Gropius Section Architecture under Gropius Under Hannes Meyer Section Architecture under Hannes Meyer Graphic Design & Typography under Hannes Meyer Architecture under Mies van der Rohe The end of the Mies van der Rohe era The Bauhaus Lives On Section Inside Back Cover Back Cover