The portfolio of Scottish designer & programmer Andrew Talbot



Desktop Software

  • Smultron
  • Adobe Photoshop CS4
  • Adobe Illustrator CS4
  • Adobe InDesign CS4
  • Adobe Flash CS4

Server Software

Aesthe.tically is hosted by DreamHost.

Currently all pages are hand-made, served through a simple PHP script. My intention is to eventually build a custom CMS to publish content to this and all sub domain sites of the domain.

Stats are tracked through Google Analytics.

The Grid.Systema.tically grid system is used as the basis of the CSS layout, with specification of: 12 columns, 954px width and 18px margins. As well as using Eric Meyer's Reset CSS

Web Standards

All pages at Aesthe.tically should validate as HTML5 and it's layout is styled with valid CSS.

If you are having any display issues on this site in your internet browser (and it isn't an outdated browser that doesn't support web standards) don't hesitate to let me know (please include screenshots, browser and operating system details).